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SoftBuyers: Sell Us Your Used Software and Hardware

Do you only purchase from businesses and institutions, or do you purchase from individuals as well? (click here for the answer).


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If you have a large quantity of technology related gear (mulitple pallets) SoftBuyers Incorporated will send a representative right to your company to palletize and shrink wrap your items for transport. We'll also arrange the freight pickups and pay for the shipping. Just gather up your surplus software, hardware, networking gear, and telecom equipment and set it by the door we'll do the rest! We turn your unwanted software and hardware into cash that you can put towards your current IT needs.

Do you have a smaller amounts of hardware or software? We may still be able to help! Already have your used hardware and software palletized and ready to ship? We're glad to work that way, too, and your financial return will be even larger. Read more about how this works.

Sell Us Your Hardware

Does your company have off lease computers or other surplus hardware you no longer need? Are you closing up shop and wishing you could recover some of the investment that you made in your hardware?

SoftBuyers, Incorporated appraises and repurchases your used hardware, returning it to the marketplace while you walk away with cash in your pocket. You may be surprised how much your hardware is worth to us. Find out more.

Sell Us your Software

Is your company planning to recycle or destroy your old software? Are you an independent IT consultant with excess software on your hands from an install project? Tell us what you've got and we'll tell you what it's worth.

Is your company planning to recycle or destroy software that you no longer need or use? do you have software that you purchased but never got around to using or installing ? Are you an independent IT consultant with excess software on your hands from an install project?send us an email and we'll tell you what it's worth.We are prompt, courteous, and professional and we can turn that software that'sjust sitting in the storeroom into cash for your business. Click here for more details.


  • Laptops - Apple or PC . We can purchase Intel laptops as old as Pentium 4 (some models), and Apple Laptops as far back as the iBook.
  • Dell Optiplex 740.745. and 755 Systems
  • Apple All in One Units (LCD only - the all in one CRT models have no value)
  • Apple Towers and Mac Minis 
  • Dell  Restore Discs for Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Avaya/Lucent/Norte/NEC/Mitel and other Phone Systems
  • Cisco Gear